Finding Affordable and Fun Curriculum


It’s the time of year when we all start thinking about next homeschool year. What do I need? What do I want? The list can get long quickly, and the cost can add up. However, homeschooling doesn’t have to be expensive. Remember I love a good deal. Also, learning should be fun. So, if you are looking to break out of the expensive, textbook rut, here’s a guide to finding affordable and fun curriculum.

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Introducing Homeschool Grab Bag

Homeschool Grab Bag is a like a bag sale at your favorite thrift store! Get so much, for so little. It was created by two homeschool bloggers who actually homeschool their children! They know what busy homeschool families need and want. They also know about budget crunch!

They saw the need for quality homeschool materials that were easily accessible and affordable. Then they caught the eye of over 50+ other bloggers and brands who were happy to support them! 

Beyond the Stick Figure only shares products that we have experienced and can whole-heartedly stand behind! We’ve gone through and played with the grab bag contents. These resources are amazing.

mom with books

Homeschool Grab Bag Options

Homeschool Grab Bag is available in two options. When you head to the website, you’ll find the Super and the Deluxe bags. 

Because Homeschool Grab Bag’s mission is to be affordable for all homeschool families, there is a significant difference between the contents of the two bags, but they’re both on sale for 97% off retail! 

On top of all the contents in the Super Bag, which has a retail value of $779.83, the Deluxe Bag boasts of 71 Premium Products that push the value of the Deluxe Bag to $1547.11 total!


Homeschool Grab Bag Layout

Both Grab Bag options are delivered to you immediately via the email you provided at checkout. So just click and you are ready to go! 

In your welcome email, you’ll receive a beautifully designed Digital PDF that showcases each product with a product image, short description, and a coupon for you to claim the product from the content creator for $0.00. So, one small price gives you access to everything. 

Now the fun begins, scroll through and grab whatever you like. It’s the best way to get affordable and fun curriculum for your homeschool.

You have 3 months from the last day of the sale to lay claim to your Homeschool Grab Bag items. All of the coupons in the Homeschool Grab Bag will expire on October 31st, 2020.


So what’s in each Grab Bag?

The Super Bag


tablets with curriculum

This particular bag is the most affordable. It has 51 products and retails at $779.83 price. But, with your 97% off, you’re getting it for only $24.95! Can you believe it?? Less than $25 for all that.

Here are some of my favorite picks from this bag!

family hugging

Large family homeschooling is a fun and challenging proposition! Learn how to make it work with this e-book. Wish I had had this 25 years ago.


affordable curriculum

These look like so much fun! Games are always affordable and fun curriculum choices.

The Deluxe Bag

Let’s explore an even bigger deal, the Deluxe bag includes premium products that are exclusive to the Deluxe Bag!

It is packed with 71 products and is valued at $1547.11. Wow! Now that is a bargain. The best bargains aren’t just cheap, though, they are highly valuable. The Deluxe Bag is beyond valuable. The contents blew me away.

I’m super excited about this product in particular:

fun curriculum I know my boys would really enjoy this. I’m convinced they are nocturnal themselves!


Both bags are 97% off retail and you can see a detailed comparison of each product, its value, and the product’s creator, here!


How do you get a Homeschool Grab Bag? 

The Homeschool Grab Bag sale officially started on July 13th at 9 AM CT and it wraps up at 11:59PM on July 20th. So, this is a very limited time offer. Hurry and don’t miss it!

To read more about Homeschool Grab Bag or to purchase it, you can head to the Digital Grab Bag website

As always, if you have any questions, contact us at or on Facebook. We would love to help you decide between grab bags or answer any questions we can about the contents of each.,

But, if you have questions about the Grab Bag you purchased, or have a problem with your purchase, you can reach out to Digital Grab Bag by emailing them at


Quality over Quantity when Choosing Art Supplies

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Going to an art store is like a child going to a sweet shop ( candy store). The shelves are overflowing with a buffet of pots, brushes and tubes of paint. The choices are overwhelming to the untrained eye. But it is important to remember the rule of quality over quantity when choosing art supplies.
piles of paint tubes

How much should Art Supplies Cost?

If you do not know what you are looking for your eyes will immediately be drawn to the very large sets of inexpensive paints. These are beautifully packaged and full of gorgeous colors. They also seem like an incredible bargain. 40 tubes of acrylic for $19.99. 100 markers for $9.99.
The $9.99 price tag for one tube of acrylic paint in the professional section does not seem to make sense to someone that does not have the knowledge to actually compare what they are buying.
One of the things that influences the choice is an ability to mix color or lack of. The need to mix color is waived if you buy a set that seems to contain every color under the sun.

How to Save Money on Art Supplies

I love a bargain. I am known for loving a bargain but there are certain things that I will never compromise on. One of those is the quality of my paints. Large sets of any art materials for $9.99 will lack this.
One of the first things I tell my new students is to ask grandma to contact me before buying them art materials as gifts and also to put all those large sets away in a closet. I then introduce them to the paints and materials that I use.
“WHY?” I hear you shouting at the screen, looking over at the piles of markers with a big $9.99 sticker on the package. Let me explain.
Cheap sets of paint contain very little of what you really need and that is pigment. What you are buying is lots of medium with something added to give some color. It is not good quality and you will be very disappointed in the experience. You will also use much more of it than you would if you were using a high quality paint.
homeschool supplies
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How Many Tubes of Paint should I Buy?

Trained artists use very small palettes. I am not referring to the thing they use to mix their paint on but the amount of colors they use when they paint. Most artists use a maximum of eight. I have done paintings using 4-6 and you would never know. Why? Because a limitless amount of colors can be made by mixing the primary colors.

Quality over Quantity when Choosing Art Supplies

When I was growing up I gained a very important skill during art class. That skill was mixing colors. Each time we entered the classroom in high school we would retrieve a set of poster paints from the supply cupboard. The pots were about the size of the single serving for applesauce. There was a lid that was meant to protect the juicy paint from drying out.
There were six colors; the primary colors, red, yellow and blue, and then black and white and a “baby poo” beige that is known as yellow ochre to anyone that is not a teenager. That was it. During the year, that soft paint became a hard little brick in the pot. Water would have to be introduced and the sad excuse for a brush we were given was swirled around and around to produce a puddle of color. At the time all this seemed like an insult to me.
In those years of minimal colors I learned to mix color. I spent so much time with those six colors that it became ingrained in my mind how to make all the colors I needed from them. Even though I did not have quality or quantity it taught me a lot.
art supplies and paper
Ready to make your own masterpiece? Join the club that delivers joy, and techniques with a new masterpiece project every month!

When Should Students Start Using Professional Art Supplies?

Before you journey down the road of art buy a few tubes of good quality paint. They are not even that expensive because you will use very little on each painting. Do not think either that you have to be a certain age to use the good stuff. There is no ID checking at the art store. I teach my five year old students about the value of good paint.
Being that grandma has already given them all the sets of cheap ones they appreciate the difference and you can too. So, remember quality over quantity when choosing art supplies the next time you are tempted by that $9.99 value sticker!
This post is part of the Tips for Homeschool Moms series. To read more posts by a collection of bloggers and to enter an awesome giveaway, please visit the Tips for Homeschool Moms page here.

A Very Creative Mother’s Day


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Creativity is never in short supply in my home.  However, this year, we seem to need an extra dose of creativity to make Mother’s Day special. Homeschool moms work extra hard all year long. Even though we are used to homeschooling, running a homeschool during a crisis is difficult. In addition, many of our Mother’s Day traditions are not available this year, or difficult to come by. Even so, we need to celebrate mothers and all that they do for their families. Mothering is not just about having kids and keeping them feed and clothed. Honestly, that is a full time job in and of itself. However, mothers are building the future. The are very, very important people. So, let’s look at some ways to be very creative this Mother’s Day

Why be Creative this Mother’s Day

Life has been very different, but the role of moms hasn’t changed at all. Mothers make a difference every day in our life! So, while your favorite restaurant may be closed, and you can’t gather with friends, Mother’s Day is still coming soon. So, how can your be creative this Mother’s Day? You can be creative in your planning, gifts, meals, and celebration. There are always ways to make mom feel special. Besides, she will be delighted with the thought much more than the actual gift. Remember how excited she always is when little ones pick dandelions for her! Therefore, put on your thinking caps and give Mom an amazing day!

mom and child celebrating mothers day

Creative Supplies for Mother’s Day

One thing that we have heard about from friends and subscribers is the difficulty in getting supplies. Stores may be closed. Mail is running slower than usual. How can we create amazing art without piles of supplies? Well, I keep a stockpile of art supplies next to my toilet paper, rice, and beans–but, that’s another story! However, beautiful art does not necessarily require mountains of supplies. In fact, so much can be done with a few, high quality items. Oh, and this is where creativity comes in! There are supplies that you have that you don’t even realize. Sometimes, you just need to experiment. What happens when I mix these two paints? How can I use these markers to make a special effect. It may be difficult to get new supplies, but that should not stop your creativity. Go on a scavenger hunt around the house and see what items you already have to create gifts, cards, and decorations.

make mom mini masterpiece ad with confetti
Give mom a gift from your heart and hands. In this mini course, you will learn how to creative a beautiful meadow that can be framed or turned into a card with simple supplies you already have! Great class for all ages!


What Mom Really Wants for Mother’s Day

Hint, it’s not diamonds or a new car. Well, I wouldn’t mind diamonds and a new car but, that’s not on my actual wish list. Mom wants her family to show that they appreciate her. She needs to know what all the sacrifices she makes, the long hours, the endless work means something. Fancy chocolates, big bouquets, and a dinner out at a posh restaurant are always good. But, really, it is the time with family that mom will remember. The simple cards, the notes of love…those are what she treasures in her heart.  And it will mean the world to her if you use some extra creativity to make her feel special. So, don’t concentrate on what you can’t do, think about what you can. You can still make little gifts and cards. In addition, staying home for dinner doesn’t mean mom has to cook…hint, hint! Just take some moments to let your mother ( or wife, dads we need your help!) catch her breath, and relish the time with her family. Tell her that you love her, and present her with your little masterpieces. Perhaps let her sleep in or take a long bath uninterrupted—yes that means no fingers under the door.  These are the ways to make this Mother’s Day unforgettable no matter what circumstance you are going through right now.

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I’m glad you asked! Maybe you can’t go shopping this year, but you could enter to win a sweet prize for mom. Today I am super excited to be helping my friend Felice Gerwitz from Vintage Homeschool Moms celebrate her 400th Podcast Episode on Vintage Homeschool Moms!! Together several of us have come together to help her celebrate by giving away ONE $200 Amazon Gift Card.

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Black Friday Deal Not to be Missed!

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Did you know that most adults wish they could draw and paint?

Are you one of them?

Give your children the gift of an art education that will keep giving for the rest of their life.

Being a homeschool mom is tough, the last thing you need is another thing to do. Much less, have to teach a subject that you feel completely inadequate in. What if you could give your children the art skills they need and want, easily, and without any prep work? Imagine your children actively creating and gaining life-changing confidence in their skills! You can do this with the Ultimate Bundle.

Why buy the Ultimate Bundle by Beyond the Stick Figure?

Beyond the Stick Figure is a 36-week art curriculum built for busy moms like you! It is packed with weekly technique lessons, daily practice lessons, short targeted exercises, and heaps of fun. Students will compile over 20 unique projects over the five units: drawing, pen and ink, watercolor, acrylic, and 3D sculpture design. This course is geared toward kids 5-95, with easy to follow instructions and differentiated projects. It is the perfect way to introduce your entire family to the world of art.

Unlike most of the art programs out there, Beyond the Stick Figure is not just a collection of projects, but a course in art techniques. These core techniques will give your child the confidence and ability to independently create masterpieces. With built-in practice sessions, children will be encouraged to practice and improve their skills.

Wait there’s more!

The Ultimate Bundle also includes three additional introductory courses AND 12 mini-project courses. A new one added each month.

It’s like the only art curriculum you will ever need. No need to buy something new next year or even the year after. You get lifetime access to them all.

That’s a gift that really keeps on giving!

Black Friday Art

Need some more reasons to buy the Ultimate Bundle?

Beyond the Stick Figure is loved by homeschool families around the world. Here’s what some of our fans have to say.


“Up until now, we have used a variety of curricula, books, and online lessons for art.  They have been fun and we have learned lots, but I always felt that there were basic skills and concepts the boys were missing.  Beyond the Stick Figure is great because it starts with the basics and builds upon them so children have well-rounded drawing skills.”

Randi, Peanut Butter Fish Lessons


Overall, we enjoyed Beyond the Stick Figure‘s drawing course. I feel my kids are finally getting a good art education. Ms. Stansfield has done a nice job creating an art program that makes life a little easier for homeschool families. Best of all, my kids love it!”

Sharon, The Secret Life of Homeschoolers


Beyond the Stick Figure makes art truly open-and-go.  I enjoy knowing what to teach for art and not guessing what to teach next.  I’m looking forward to continuing this program with my children this coming year knowing that I have art covered.”

Suzanna, Wonderfilled Days

“(Our son with) Hyperfocus on special interest, will lose interest if you under challenge him, executive function, motor skill planning, hyperactive, dysgraphia (struggle to write due to low muscle tone) are but a few challenges we face. He is also a kineticvisualaudio learner.  He has to move, see, hear while doing in order to learn! So, you can imagine that we look for programs that can really accommodate his needs, yet not underestimate him.  We found it!  Beyond the Stick Figure Art Course!”

Willa, Interesting Developments

Now is Your Chance, Get this Black Friday Deal!

Instead of shelling out thousands of dollars for private art lessons, or wracking your brain attempting to teach another hard to use art curriculum because you feel you should. Just click play and dive into the world of Beyond the Stick Figure–Easy to use, open and go, incremental art courses for the whole family. (ages 5-95)

Hurry and grab the ultimate deal and save over $450!!

The Ultimate Bundle includes:

*Beyond the Stick Figure Full Year Art Curriculum–180 days of amazing art lessons in drawing, pen and ink, watercolor, acrylic, and 3D design ($360 value)

*Introduction to Watercolor ($19 value)

*Family Drawing Course Parts 1 and 2($25 value)

*12 monthly mini-project courses ( $360 value)

*Introduction to Pen and Ink ($15 value)

All this for $275 or twelve easy payments of just $25!!

Get this ultimate bundle now, click here:

Totally Free Tuesday

totally free tuesday

Some of the best things in life are free! They certainly are for homeschoolers. We know that investing in quality resources, tools, and supplies is important. However, getting a little extra for free is always welcome, right?

That’s why we are so excited to bring Totally Free Tuesday to you! The first Tuesday of every month, some of the best homeschool bloggers around will share their free resources all in one place! WIN-WIN-WIN

Totally Free Tuesday

What is Totally Free Tuesday?

“I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that there isn’t many things that Homeschool Parents love more than some free curriculum and resources- am I right?
Well, thankfully, I’ve got you covered on that front. Every month, on the first Tuesday of the month, I’ll be sharing with you some amazing homeschool resources that are absolutely FREE.
Each month, there will be something new in there from bloggers all around the world. Curriculum, ebooks, checklists, charts, unit studies, resources- tons of cool things that you’ll be able to snag and use throughout your homeschool journey.
The best part? They are totally free, FOREVER.
Although I suggest you scoop them up now so that you don’t forget.
Here’s to Totally Free Tuesday, friends!
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