Leading Our Families to God through Art

The modern world can be pretty crazy. We are bombarded with images and messages that are contrary to our beliefs. So, raising children who are faithful believers can seem like an impossible task. How can we bring our children closer to God? What if we don’t know where to start? A great starting point is the arts. You may be surprised by that, but through the arts, you can disciple your child closer to God and His awesome power. Let’s explore leading out families to God through art.

We Are All Made in the Image and Likeness of God

Every one of us is made in the image and likeness of God. Everyone of us is special and has a unique mission, however it’s the image of the creator that we are going to look at today. God is the ultimate creator. No artist or engineer could compare. He created the heavens and the earth, and every living creature, however man is His crowning glory. We are made to reflect the wonder and goodness of God.

Have you every felt like you just wanted to paint or draw of make something beautiful? Has it ever bothered you that you jsut didn’t feel talented or capable to do it? Where does that longing come from? At first that seems like a simple question, and you probaly thought that it has nothing to do with leading your children to the LORD or faith. However, we are each born creators. We have God’s fingerprints on our sould, and that makes us reflections of His Creation.

There is no such thing as only talented people can draw. In fact, you are a art genius! That is why young children color, paint, and draw with such joy and reckless abandon. They are living that call to create, it is only when we get older and haven’t been taught to nurture our art genius that we start to feel inferior. So, by teaching your children to draw and paint, you are developing that inner call to create.

full color drawing of flowers

The Good, the True, and The Beautiful

Why are you attracted to art? Is it because of the exact brush technique and complicated choice of color or is it because it adds beauty to the world? Most people enjoy art because of the beauty it adds. This world needs beauty. Art, in all its forms, expresses the good, the true, and the beautiful. These three virtues bring us closer to our LORD and help us shine light in a dark world. Have you ever wondered why so many paintings and sculptures tell the story of salvation?

It isn’t that artists had nothing else to paint, draw, or sculpt. It’s beause they were using their art to express a truth that is beyond words. Our art should reflect the truths of God. While there is no right or wrong in art, as Christians, we have a beautiful oppunity to change the world through our masterpieces. This does not mean that we can only paint religious art, however it does mean that we should lead our children to create pieces that share God’s splendor and faithfulness with the world. Our handiwork is a way to let our light shine joyfully into the world.

Creating Worships the Ultimate Creator

The intriacy and wonder of God’s creation could never be contained on one canvas or sheet of paper. However, using the inspiration of God’s beautiful world is a way to worship our Creator. We were born to create, encouraging our children to create and giving them to tools to develop their inner art genius is a form of worship that we can practice in our homeschools on a daily basis. Discipleship can be beautiful and joyful, and doesn’t have to only happen when we are studying the Bible! So, encourage your little artist to worship His Creator by joyfully creating and sharing his art work with the world. It’s time to start leading our families to God through art.

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