Be Creative and Fearless this Christmas!

How many times have you scrolled through Pinterest or Instagram and said, “I wish I were more creative!” We see all the displays, cookies, and present wrapping online and feel like we just can’t do anything that amazing. However, that isn’t true. Creativity has little to do with talent, and much to do with persistence. So, it’s time to be creative and fearless this Chirstmas

You are an Art Genius

Each of us is born with certain gifts. If everyone had the same gift, well life would be boring. Imagine if everyone you know, young and old, received the exact same gift for Christmas–well, that wouldn’t work! Also, where would the fun and anticipation come in?

Likewise, you have special gifts. Some, like Leonardo Da Vinci, are insanely talented in visual art. However, everyone is an art genius. We all have within us the capability and longing to create a masterpiece. Be confident, you can be creative and fearless this Christmas.

Art Takes Practice

Choose one creative project that you have never done before. That is your fearless project for the season. Will you get it perfect the first time? No! Creativity and art, like everything, takes time and practive. How do you get to the Metropolitan Museum of Art? Practice, practice, practice!

Take your time. Perhaps do a trial run. Realize that your first attempt may not be your best. That’s okay, this is a learning experience. Persistence, focus, and determination are admirable traits to pass on to our homeschoolers. Show them what mom is made of!

fearless and creative at Christmas

There is No Right or Wrong in Art

Even when you practice, your masterpiece may not turn out exactly like the photo on Pinterest. Do not fret! There is no right or wrong in art, only new opportunities. If you end up with a completely different creation, that is wonderful. You still learned some new skills and flexed those creativity muscles. However, if you are not happy with the end result, well, who says that has to be the end?

Try again, rework what you have, or go a different direction. In the end what is most important is how you feel about what you created. Fiddle with it until you get it how you like it. Or, be willing to scrap it and start over. Both of these options are wonderful opportunities. Take heart that you are growing as an artist. Remember, you can be fearless and creative this Christmas.

Start Small and Go up from There

Perhaps this is your first attempt at anything creative. Pace yourself. Start small and build up from there. You wouldn’t jump right into running a marathon, right? Pick a managable project and see how that goes. As you gain confidence and skills, your abilities will improve. If you pick too large of a project, you will get frustrated and overwhelmed. You can do this, take little baby steps and see where they lead.

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fearless and creative at Christmas
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