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Introduction to Watercolor


Would you love to learn how to paint but think you just don’t have the talent? You can do it! Create sweet little masterpieces through easy to follow, step by step, incremental lessons that will teach you how to use watercolor paints and meet with delightful success.



Have you ever wanted to be a painter? You know with your colorful palette in one hand and a graceful brush in the other? Or perhaps, you just want to make little gifts for others.

No matter why you would love to paint, this is the course for you. Instead of being intimidated by a large complicated project, Introduction to Watercolor teaches foundational watercolor techniques through simple step by step application. With built in practice and incremental skills, everyone can create a masterpiece. You are an art genius! If you can draw a stick figure, you can learn to paint and draw. Wondering if you really can be an accomplished painter? Why not give this course a try and see just how amazingly creative you are.

This introductory course, teaches you everything you need to know to start painting, today. Presented in a clear and incremental fashion, Beyond the Stick Figure Introduction to Watercolor is perfect for students 5-95. Gather your family and some simple art supplies, as you learn how to use watercolors and complete masterpieces perfect for a portfolio or display. Along the way, you will have access to the instructor to ask questions. Enjoy!

This course includes 11 videos that create a single project. Techniques taught include how to use watercolor paints, mixing watercolors, laying watercolors for texture, how to do a watercolor wash, and how to use salt to create texture. All techniques can be used again, and again to create variations and additional masterpieces. This is a very gentle introduction that gives the student a simple understanding of watercolor painting while creating a sweet little project.

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