Artsy Painted Pumpkin



Pumpkin painting is a common fall activity for families. This course teaches you how to create beautiful, artistic pumpkins that will wow your friends and family. In just four steps, you can learn how to make these mini pieces of art. This course is designed for ages 5 and up, and is perfect for family fun night! Grab your paint brushes and click play, it’s that simple. Beyond the Stick Figure knows how busy your life is, that is why we design our courses to be easy to use and accessible for all ages.

This course includes lifetime access and access to the teacher through comments or email. Ready to make the most amazing pumpkin of your life! Can’t wait to see what you create. See you inside the course.

This course includes 4 videos and covers techniques such as applying a base coat, using a watercolor wash, adjusting paint consistency, laying paints, using mixed media (acrylic and watercolor paint), special effects with fan brushes, and experimenting with color.