Christmas Countdown Paper Chain Project



Christmas is coming, are you ready? Have the kids been asking how many more days until Christmas? You may be considering a chocolate filled Advent calendar, but do they need more sugar? No, they don’t. How can you mark the days and still stay focused on the real meaning of Chirstmas? Beyond the Stick Figure’s Christmas Countdown Paper Chain is just what you need.

This is an easy, but fun art project for all ages. Would be perfect for a family fun afternoon. Gear up for Christmas in the best way possible, by looking forward to the best present of all, Christ the Savior. Once the paper chain is created, this project has only just begun. Display it in a prominent place like on the mantel, or around the Chirstmas tree. Then each day, remove one link and read the accompanying verse. Create a Christmas Countdown Paper Chain for each child or let them take turns opening a link.

Why Make a Christmas Countdown Paper Chain?

The Christmas Countdown Paper Chain is an easy project to complete with plenty of room for your little art genius to personalize it with his or her own personal style. Use the supplies you have on hand, or go all out and get special markers and decorations to really do it up. The choice is your. This is a fun craft for the whole family and sure to become a family tradition.

If you are tired of the Elf and looking for a great way to get your kids excited for Christmas without getting distracted from the true meaning of the season, this project is for you. It’s the project that just keeps giving. So make one and make this Advent Christmas Countdown one that you will never forget.

Materials Needed for this Project

You will need:

a black and white printer with white copy paper

Markers, crayons, or colored pencils


glue stick

Project PDF (provided)