Art Camp: A Week of Art Education and Fun for Children



Art education can be fun and messy, but it can also be hard to fit into your day. Plus, you have no idea how to paint and draw. How can you teach the children? It’s time to come to Art Camp. Art Camp is a week full of art lessons, projects, giveaways, and inspiring talks for mom. Best of all, it’s free!

Art Camp takes place in a private Facebook group where you can not only participate in the lessons, but ask questions and interact with other families. Art education is fundamental to a well rounded education. However, so many parents have never received an adequate arts education themselves. So we are all self-conscious, overwhelmed, and nervous. You don’t have to be afriad of art any more! You are an art genius, and this event will rekindle that passion to create, give you skills to grow in your artistic ability, and give you more confidence to continue to create once the event is over. If all this did was give you some special moments with your kids, and a reridgerator full of projects, would it be worth it?

Join us in Art Camp and see just how amazing art in your homeschool can be!