Paint perfect pumpkins this Fall

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Are you decorating for autumn? You can easily create awe-inspiring pumpkins in just four steps with this engaging class for the whole family. Artsy Painting Pumpkins is designed for moms looking to learn something new or families who want to paint. It will teach you simple painting techniques that will create a truly enchanting pumpkin in a wide array of colors. These pumpkins are perfect for table decorations, gifts, or outdoor displays.

Everyone enjoys being able to say, “I made that!” However, you may think you have no talent to create something beautiful. You are wrong. This mini course is a perfect first step in learning to paint. The techniques you use can be transferred to other projects. Each video step guides you through exactly what to do, while leaving room for your own creative spirit.

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painted pumpkin class

Are you worried that you can’t paint or aren’t talented? Beyond the Stick Figure’s courses are designed for everyone age 5-95. We believe that everyone is an art genius, they just need to be taught art techniques and have a chance to practice. If you can draw a stick figure, you can do this class. Impress your friends and family with your gorgeous, creative pumpkins even if you have never painted before. Or have a fun, family afternoon making memories and beautiful pumpkins.

Course includes:

  • Detailed materials list, including possible substitutes
  • Step by step video instructions
  • Ability to ask questions through commenting and email

Grab this magical course for only $5 for the next week. Course returns to regular price, soon! So get some pumpkins, and grab your paint brushes. See you in the course.